The Liberty Research Team


David I. August

Graduate Students

Ziyang Xu
Bhargav Reddy Godala
Susan Tan
Ishita Chaturvedi
Yebin Chon
Yucan Wu

Doctors of Philosophy

Nayana Prasad Nagendra
[Publications] Ph.D. Thesis: Improving Instruction Cache Performance For Modern Processors With Growing Workloads, 2021.
First Position: ARM

Sotiris Apostolakis
[Publications] Ph.D. Thesis: A Sensible Approach to Speculative Automatic Parallelization, 2021.
First Position: Google

Jordan Fix
[Publications] Ph.D. Thesis: Hardware MultiThreaded Transactions: Enabling Speculative MultiThreaded Pipeline Parallelization For Complex Programs, 2020.
First Position: Facebook

Stephen R. Beard
[Publications] Ph.D. Thesis: TrustGuard: A Model for Practical Trust in Real Systems, 2019.
First Position: TigerStone

Feng Liu
[Publications] Ph.D. Thesis: Static and Dynamic Instruction Mapping for Spatial Architectures, 2018.
First Position: Databricks

Soumyadeep Ghosh
[Publications] Ph.D. Thesis: TrustGuard: A Containment Architecture with Verified Output, 2017.
First Position: Barefoot Networks

Nick P. Johnson
[Publications] Ph.D. Thesis: Static Dependence Analysis in an Infrastructure for Automatic Parallelization, 2015.
First Position: D.E. Shaw Research

Taewook Oh
[Publications] Ph.D. Thesis: Automatic Exploitation of Input Parallelism, 2015.
First Position: Facebook

Hanjun Kim
[Publications] Ph.D. Thesis: ASAP: Automatic Speculative Acyclic Parallelization for Clusters, 2013.
First Position: Assistant Professor at Postech

Thomas B. Jablin
[Publications] Ph.D. Thesis: Automatic Parallelization for GPUs, 2013.
First Position: Post-Doctoral Researcher with the IMPACT Research Group

Prakash Prabhu
[Publications] Ph.D. Thesis: Semantic Language Extensions for Implicit Parallel Programming, 2013.
First Position: Google

Jialu Huang
[Publications] Ph.D. Thesis: Automatically Exploiting Cross-Invocation Parallelism Using Runtime Information, 2013.
First Position: Goldman Sachs

Arun Raman
[Publications] Ph.D. Thesis: A System for Flexible Parallel Execution, 2012.
First Position: Intel Research

Yun Zhang
[Publications] Ph.D. Thesis: Runtime Speculative Software-Only Fault Tolerance, 2012.
First Position: Goldman Sachs

Easwaran Raman
[Publications] Ph.D. Thesis: Parallelization Techniques with Improved Dependence Handling, 2009.
First Position: Google

Matthew J. Bridges
[Publications] Ph.D. Thesis: The VELOCITY Compiler: Extracting Efficient Multicore Execution from Legacy Sequential Codes, 2008.
First Position: Google

Bolei Guo
[Publications] Ph.D. Thesis: Shape Analysis with Inductive Recursion Synthesis, 2008.
First Position: J. P. Morgan

Guilherme de Lima Ottoni
[Publications] Ph.D. Thesis: Global Instruction Scheduling for Multi-Threaded Architectures, 2008.
First Position: Intel Research

Neil Vachharajani
[Publications] Ph.D. Thesis: Intelligent Speculation for Pipelined Multithreading, 2008.
First Position: Google

George A. Reis
[Publications] Ph.D. Thesis: Software Modulated Fault Tolerance, 2008.
First Position: Google

Ram Rangan
[Publications] Ph.D. Thesis: Pipelined Multithreading Transformations and Support Mechanisms, 2007.
First Position: Post-Doctoral Researcher at IBM Austin Research Laboratory

Spyridon Triantafyllis
[Publications] Ph.D. Thesis: Eliminating Scope and Selection Restrictions in Compiler Optimizations, 2006.
First Position: D. E. Shaw

David Penry
[Publications] Ph.D. Thesis: The Acceleration of Structural Microarchitecture Simulation via Scheduling, 2006.
First Position: Assistant Professor at Brigham Young University

Manish Vachharajani
[Publications] Ph.D. Thesis: Microarchitecture Modeling for Design-space Exploration, 2004.
First Position: Assistant Professor at University of Colorado, Boulder

Masters of Science in Engineering

Lucas Salvador
[Publications] Master of Science Degree, 2021.
First Position: Microsoft Xbox

Greg Chan
[Publications] Master of Arts Degree, 2020.
First Position: Oracle

Sergiy Popovych
[Publications] Master of Arts Degree, 2017.

Heejin Ahn
[Publications] Master of Arts Degree, 2017.
First Position: Google

Hansen Zhang
[Publications] Master of Arts Degree, 2016.
First Position: Meta

Matthew Zoufaly
[Publications] Master of Arts Degree, 2012.
First Position: AlphaCrest

Tzu-Han Hung
[Publications] Master of Arts Degree, 2010.
First Position: Intel

Thomas Mason
[Publications] Master of Science Degree, 2009.
First Position: Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Mario Ibrahim
[Publications] Master of Engineering Degree, 2006.
First Position: IBM

Jason A. Blome
[Publications] Master of Science Degree, 2004.
First Position: Ph.D. candidate at University of Michigan

Former Research Associates

Himanshu Shah
First Position: Entering a M.S. Program at SUNY Stony Brook

Jae W. Lee

Ayal Zaks