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Automatic Extraction of Parallelism from Sequential Code
David I. August, Jialu Huang, Thomas B. Jablin, Hanjun Kim, Thomas R. Mason, Prakash Prabhu, Arun Raman, and Yun Zhang
Fundamentals of Multicore Software Development (ISBN: 978-1439812730)
Edited by Ali-Reza Adl-Tabatabai, Victor Pankratius, and Walter Tichy. Chapman & Hall / CRC Press, December 2011.

Speculative Parallelization Using Software Multi-threaded Transactions [abstract] (ACM DL, PDF)
Arun Raman, Hanjun Kim, Thomas R. Mason, Thomas B. Jablin, and David I. August
Proceedings of the Fifteenth International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS), March 2010.

LAMPVIEW: A Loop-Aware Toolset for Facilitating Parallelization [abstract] (PDF)
Thomas Rorie Mason
Master's Thesis, Department of Electrical Engineering, Princeton University, August 2009.