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Accelerating Braided B+ Tree Searches on a GPU with CUDA [abstract] (CiteSeerX, PDF)
Jordan Fix, Andrew Wilkes, and Kevin Skadron
Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Applications for Multi and Many Core Processors: Analysis, Implementation, and Performance (A4MMC), June 2011.

Previous work has shown that using the GPU as a brute force method for SELECT statements on a SQLite database table yields significant speedups. However, this requires that the entire table be selected and transformed from the B-Tree to row-column format. This paper investigates possible speedups by traversing B+ Trees in parallel on the GPU, avoiding the overhead of selecting the entire table to transform it into row-column format and leveraging the logarithmic nature of tree searches. We experiment with different input sizes, different orders of the B+ Tree, and batch multiple queries together to find optimal speedups for SELECT statements with single search parameters as well as range searches. We additionally make a comparison to a simple GPU brute force algorithm on a row-column version of the B+ Tree.